1. British Folk/Soul singer, songwriter and musician Lánre is back with a brand new single titled “Home”, serving as the lead single and title track from her forthcoming EP and long-awaited follow-up to her critically acclaimed 2011 debut album Pen Voyage Chapter One: Singing For Change.

    Written and composed by Lánre herself, with Richard Burrell (Rita Ora, Rudimental, The Noisettes) on guitars along with Lánre, Nora Kalcheva from Bulgarian band Strings on cello, Stewart Rawle on bass guitar and Feranmi Ogunseyinde (Rainy Milo, Josh Record) on drums and percussions, “Home” sees Lánre in glorious form, showcasing her soft and warm vocal texture, exquisite alto notes and superb songwriting prowess.

    Taking inspiration from her recent Living Room Sessions tour which saw Lánre taking her intimate concert experience into people’s living rooms across the country, and her work with UK charity organisation Crisis which supports marginalized and homeless people, “Home” is a touching and compelling ode to our endless affinity and yearning for a place that we can each call home. Lánre’s Home EP will be released on May 1, 2014, listen to the lead single “Home” 

  2. http://t.co/zr1BoFRxL5 #PLTFRMSE7EN EP (SIDE A) JUNE 3RD

  3. http://t.co/zr1BoFRxL5 #PLTFRMSE7EN EP (SIDE A) JUNE 3RD

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  5. Tight Eyez & Big Mijo

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  7. I wish I had a mic that I could do this with after rocking a show..

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  9. after what happened to me online today, I just had to post this track i did before as a bit of fun. hahaha

    Lesson learned I guess. I hope….

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    check out my brand new single “Bouncin’ Back” it is the lead single for the upcoming EP “PLTFRM SE7EN” which will be out on June 3rd. Produced and written by yours sincerely, Karl Nova

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