1. Human in Amsterdam (and Brussels)

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  2. Human (back) in London

  3. Falomo Bridge, leading into Victoria Island, Lagos.


  4. NEW MUSIC! I am so inspired by my trip to New York City and the fact that it is my birthday today that I had to release something brand new! I produced this too! Enjoy! 

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  5. How the internet is used for research

  6. Central Park, New York
    Worcester, UK
    Hempstead Heath, London
    Amsterdam, Holland

    A few places I’ve been in the last few weeks
  7. Human in New York Part 2

  8. Hello Brooklyn

  9. No matter when I am. I’m underground lol

  10. Times Square. 2014.

  11. "this bridge here ain’t fallin’ down, i ain’t crazy" #CentralPark #NYC #NewYorkCity

  12. Human in New York

  13. In Central Park. Soaking it all in.

  14. I’m currently in New York City. I’m staying in manhattan on Madison Ave. I love New York

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