1. Lecrae with Frankie Knuckles and the legendary Black Thought of The Roots, backstage at the Fallon tonight show

  2. Lecrae rocking with the legendary Roots crew on the Jimmy Fallon show



  3. "We tend to formulate our problems in such a way as to make it seem that the solutions to those problems demand precisely what we already happen to have at hand. With respect to the conduct of inquiry, and especially in behavioral science, I label this effect “the law of the instrument.” The simplest formulation I know of the law of the instrument runs this way: give a small boy a hammer and it will turn out that everything he encounters needs pounding."
    — Abraham Kaplan

  4. "Yes art is supposed to be about free expression, but in reality that free expression is always bounded by the political realities of the day. To offer an analogy, would a German artist ever be given a platform as large as the Barbican to make money from displaying real live Jewish bodies piled on one another in a mock gas chamber, would this be considered art? Those who think that comparison is an exaggerated one are either ignorant of historical facts or think African lives are worth less"
    — Akala commenting on the human zoo exhibition at the barbican in London that was shut down after protests led by Sara Myers read the whole thing here: http://m.huffpost.com/uk/entry/5809508
  5. RollingStone trying to figure out lecrae

  6. Ah Amsterdam was dope! I will be back!


  7. New Beat: Resistance Riddim

    I was feeling kinda down and made this to cheer myself up. It is kinda drum & bass inspired

  9. Human in Amsterdam (and Brussels)

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  10. Human (back) in London

  11. Falomo Bridge, leading into Victoria Island, Lagos.


  12. NEW MUSIC! I am so inspired by my trip to New York City and the fact that it is my birthday today that I had to release something brand new! I produced this too! Enjoy! 

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  13. How the internet is used for research

  14. Central Park, New York
    Worcester, UK
    Hempstead Heath, London
    Amsterdam, Holland

    A few places I’ve been in the last few weeks
  15. Human in New York Part 2