2. "We are like sculptors, constantly carving out of others the image we long for, need, love or desire, often against reality, against their benefit, and always, in the end, a disappointment, because it does not fit them"
    — Anais Nin
  3. http://t.co/F1G9nWV7Ei #PLTFRMSE7EN

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  4. "Some fans have a hard time figuring me out initially because they need some kind of box to put me in instead of allowing me to be the box. I am the category that you’re looking for"
    — Lecrae from “Grammy Winning Rapper Clears Air on Katy Perry ‘Witchcraft’ Lawsuit [EXCLUSIVE]” http://theurbandaily.com/2014/07/21/lecrae-katy-perry-lawsuit-statement/
  5. http://t.co/F1G9nWV7Ei #PLTFRMSE7EN

    New video coming

  6. If you’re not accepted on other people’s platforms, build yours.


  7. I shot a video for this. I cant wait to see how it turns out. I like this song, it came out of me just vibing on a calm chill groove. Someone attacked me saying I was wack and that I cant rap, so I made this beat and got busy

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  10. The sun is setting on World Cup 2014

  11. Just my thoughts


  12. "Yes, there are many things that are wrong with the world. So many things to be against — but you can’t be against everything. At some point you have to begin to stand for something. Maybe the most important question is not what am I against, but what do I stand for? On my best days, I want to stand for love conquering a multitude of wrongs. I want to stand for forgiveness, for mercy, for beauty, for grace."
    — Jon Foreman (via hellohurricane)

  13. "I’ve never used music to sell my faith and I’ve never used faith to sell my music. I think they are both intrinsic parts of who I am. We’ve always tried to define our music outside of genre. What is a genre? A genre’s a cage or a box and for us our music is best with fangs and some claws running free in the wild."
    — Jon Foreman of Switchfoot